Challenges in Recruiting U.S. Farmers for Policy-Relevant Economic Field Experiments (AEPP 2020)

Collin Weigel, Laura Paul, Paul Ferraro, and Kent Messer

Demand for an Environmental Public Good in the Time of COVID-19: A Statewide Water Quality Referendum

George Parsons, Laura Paul, and Kent Messer

Conditional and Unconditional Yield Gains from Drought-Tolerant Maize and the Economic Implications for Farmers in Southern and Eastern Africa

Laura Paul

Working Papers

Nudge or Sludge? An Experimental Game Illustrating How Misunderstood Scientific Information Can Change Consumer Behavior

Laura Paul, Maik Kecinski, Kent Messer, and Olesya Savchenko

Willingness to Pay and Willingness to Accept Measures Produce Consistent Marginal Effects and Evidence of the Framing Effect

Tongzhe Li, Laura Paul, Kent D. Messer, and Harry Kaiser

Bundling Stress Tolerant Seeds and Insurance for Resilient Small-scale Agriculture: Impacts and the Challenge of Learning about Technologies with Stochastic Benefits

Steve Boucher, Michael Carter, Jon Einar Flatnes, Travis Lybbert, Jonathan Malacarne, Paswel Marenya, and Laura Paul

In Progress

Conservation Auction Behavior: Effects of Defaults and Information Timing

Steven Wallander, Laura Paul, Rich Iovanna, Paul Ferraro, and Kent Messer

Managed Retreat: Coastal Residential Property Buyout

A.R. Siders, Laura Paul, Leah Palm-Forster, and Kent Messer